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The Creation of Speaker Finder was created to help speakers find their next event, and event organisers find the perfect speaker for their event.

The problem we solve is that it's difficult for speakers to get noticed by event organisers and vice versa. Groups and speakers may not have the time or capital to afford an online presence which is where SpeakerFinder steps in. By including speakers on a multitude of topics, and showing essential information for a booking, we hope to increase the bookings of our speakers, whilst minimalizing the task of finding speakers for ‘Speaker Finders’. Mix this with a proactive approach to marketing our speakers directly to groups and we have a recipe for all our speakers to find success whether new to the game or experienced veterans!

The Need for

The need for is clear. It's hard to find a good speaker, especially if you're new to the field and don't know where to look. The best speakers are often booked months in advance by big companies and events, so if you're not one of those big companies or events then your chances of getting one are slim--and even if you do manage it, there's no guarantee that they'll be any good!

The biggest problem with finding quality speakers is vetting them: how do you know whether someone really has their heart in what they say? How can you tell whether their message is authentic? And even if all these questions are answered satisfactorily (which isn't always easy), there's still the issue of cost: many people charge exorbitant fees for speaking at conferences or events because they know there aren't many alternatives available elsewhere

The Benefits of

  • Easy to find speakers

  • Quality assurance

  • Direct marketing to events and groups

The Process of Finding Speakers

The process of finding speakers is a bit of a minefield. You have to search for them, compare and contrast them, then book them.

We're going to make this as easy as possible for you by providing a single place where all the information about your potential speaker(s) can be found in one place - no more searching the internet or calling around different agencies!

The Features of is a platform that allows you to search for speakers based on your needs, and then filter them by location, cost and other factors. You can also find out more about each speaker's background, alternative talks and their availability.

The Benefits of for Speakers is a platform that can help you find speakers and increase your visibility as a speaker. The benefits of using this platform include:

· Access to a wider audience

· Increased visibility for your speaking engagements

· More bookings – Through direct marketing to groups, we can help you to get bookings more often, at a very low cost.

The Benefits of for Clients

· It's easy to find the right speaker.

· You can be confident that you are getting quality speakers.

· A one stop place to find speaker(s) for your event further in advance.

The Future of

As the site continues to grow, there are a number of things that we hope to do. We want to make sure that SpeakerFinder remains the best place for speakers and event organisers alike.

We're always looking at ways we can improve our service so that you have an even better experience when using us. Here are some of our ideas:

· Continuing innovation - We want to make sure that you have access to the latest technology and features as soon as they come out, so we'll be constantly updating our platform with new features and updates!

· Directly marketing to groups – We’re consistently looking for ways to market to new groups, events, etc.

· New features - We're always working hard behind-the-scenes on new ways for people like yourself who run events regularly find great speakers who will help take them forward into future success!


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