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A New Age of Public Speaking

The next generation of public speaking is here, and it's not just about using the latest technology. In fact, the best way to use new tech is to combine it with storytelling and interactive presentations. Here are some ways you can improve your skills in these areas:

AI Presentations

AI will also make it easier for us to create better presentations. Presentations are an important part of our lives, and we all have to give them at some point in our careers. We can use AI technology to learn how to create better slideshows and improve our speaking skills by using speech recognition software that helps us practice what we're going to say before the big day arrives.

Interactive Presentations

If you're going to speak in front of an audience, what are some ways you could make things more engaging? One way is by using video or audio clips. You can play short videos during your presentation or even live stream yourself giving the talk so that people who aren't able to attend can still see it! This helps increase interest levels because they get to see what's happening behind-the-scenes, but also helps them understand what's being said better since there's more context involved with seeing someone's face rather than just hearing their voice over speakers (which might sound different than how they normally talk).

Virtual Presentations

Virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms are all ways to bring the audience closer to your presentation. Virtual presentations will become more popular as time goes on and technology improves.

With video conferencing, you can still interact with your audience but they don't have to be in the same room as you. Video conferencing allows people around the world to meet up virtually and talk face-to-face over their computers or mobile devices.


Stories are a great way to engage your audience. They can be used to convey complex ideas, emotions and information in an entertaining way that is easily understood and remembered by the audience.

Stories can be told in many different ways: through jokes or anecdotes; using metaphors or similes; as personal experiences (or those of others); as historical events or fables from other cultures - the possibilities are endless! Storytelling has been around since people first started communicating with each other over fire pits thousands of years ago, so it's no wonder that storytelling has become such an effective tool for public speaking today!

We will be able to use technology to improve our presentations. AI will help us with public speaking, virtual presentations will become more common and interactive presentations will become more common. Storytelling will be an important part of presentation skills in this future.

In the future, we will be able to use technology to improve our presentations. We can use AI presentations that will help us with content creation and delivery. Interactive Presentations will allow us to engage our audience in new ways by allowing them interact with virtual environments or objects on stage. Virtual Presentations will allow us to speak anywhere while projecting our image onto screens around the world so people can listen in real time without needing to be physically present at any location at all! Storytelling is also becoming more popular among speakers as they realize it's not just about telling stories but also sharing experiences through storytelling techniques like narratives or anecdotes.


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