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Steve Bonham

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, Hosts & Facilitors, Music, Mental Health, General Interest, Other

Locations Covered​

East of England, London, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, North East


£75 - £150


Short Notice

Profile Bio

Wide-brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 32 years on the road. 100,000 miles and half a thousand hotel rooms. From the Berlin Wall to the Atlas Mountains, from the Sahara Desert to the streets of Hong Kong: a man who has learned to watch and to listen, to walk and talk in the ebb and flow of meeting and parting, Steve Bonham is an award-winning psychologist, a successful writer and musician, an inveterate traveller and adventurer, and funny and original public speaker.

Talk Description

Stumbling Over Eden

Stumbling over Eden is an account of the adventures of – in his own words – ‘a slightly overweight bloke from Derby with a dodgy knee’ who takes on a physically and emotionally challenging 540km trek ‘from the mountains to the desert’ across North Africa. A voyage of self-discovery as well as real discovery, it is a journey of serendipity, embracing the different and accepting the unexpected. A tale involving a spirit dog, the fortresses of old warlords, a Krupp cannon and a lost tribe of dwarfs.

Already delivered with great feedback to Wigtown Book Festival and Ripon Theatre Festival, as well as many other venues, it is a talk that inspires an audience to think about their own lives and their potential for adventure and discovery

Other Talks

How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World! : practical and insightful psychology meets excellent storytelling and even if required songs and music,

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