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Paulus The Cabaret Geek

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, Hosts & Facilitors, Entertainment & Comedy, Music, Diversity, TV

Locations Covered​

- London


£150 - £500


Short Notice, 1 Month Minimum, 3 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

Paulus The Cabaret Geek is an entertainer and educator who began their public speaking journey a decade ago, working with the Women's Insitute. Since then, he has given talks to Rotary Clubs, U3A, Townswomen's Guild and many after-dinner events.

Specialising in musical comedy, with a great interest in the history of theatre and cabaret, Paulus brings 30 years experience as a cabaret artiste to his speaking engagements, making them quirky, memorable and fizzing with irreverance.

In 2023, Paulus began sharing the story of how he created a celebration of the music of the late, great Victoria Wood - and asks whether she was, in fact, the last of our great Music Hall artistes.

Talk Description

Victoria Wood: The Last Great Variety Entertainer?

Paulus watched Victoria Wood on television with his Mum from the age of ten. Now he has created a show celebrating her musical genius. Includes Victoria Wood songs played on Paulus’ trusty ukulele,
Mabel. He also asks; was she, in fact, the last of the UK’s great variety entertainers?

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