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Nick Clyburn

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- South West


£75 - £150


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Profile Bio

Squadron Leader Nick Clyburn is a former Air Traffic Controller with over 40 years of experience in both military and civilian air traffic control. During his highly-successful career, Nick rose through the ranks before working as a senior consultant in the air traffic control industry and then as a civilian air traffic controller and manager.

Born in Devon, he left to join the Royal Air Force at sixteen as a young ‘Cold War Warrior’. His Royal Air Force career took him worldwide, into operational conflicts and hostile environments. He controlled some of the busiest airspaces and control centres worldwide and then facilitated strategic thinking and policies to keep them safe.

He now entertains audiences with his humourous after-dinner speeches and group presentations about Air Traffic Control and life in the Royal Air Force.

Talk Description

An Expert’s Guide to Air Traffic Confusion

Nick will canter you through the world of air traffic control and the Royal Air Force.
Nick says, 'It got interesting, but there is no need to worry. I will talk you down!'

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