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Mike Ogden

Speaker Topics

History, Other

Locations Covered​

- East Midlands




Short Notice

Profile Bio

I was a town planner of no great distinction, but have now found my true metier in giving talks to groups and societies.
I have always been fascinated by aircraft, and had a pilot's licence for many years. I no longer fly, but my interest in aviation prompted me to produce my first talk and now, ten years on, my most recent one as well.
A love of grand, impressive and historic buildings has led to two more talks, while years of cruising England's inland waterways, and curiosity about the origins of our royal family, have produced the remaining two in what is now a substantial body of work.

Talk Description


An entertaining history of the pioneering years of air travel in the 1920s and '30s, from the time when flying as a passenger meant roughing it in a converted First World War bomber, to the years of travelling in comfort and style in great flying boats by day, and staying at top-class hotels at night. An experience utterly unlike modern air travel.

Other Talks

HOTELS IN THE SKY The story of a lost way of travelling the world - the years when Zeppelin airships ruled the skies for long-distance air travel.
A PALACE BY A RIVER A history and a tour of the Houses of Parliament.
THE SKY'S THE LIMIT A (more or less) affectionate history of the skyscraper.
THE SLOW ROAD A journey around England's inland waterways.
THE SEED OF KINGS Tracing the bloodline of the British monarchy from Alfred the Great to Charles III.

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