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Martin Rowley

Speaker Topics

Sports, History, General Interest

Locations Covered​



£75 - £150


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Profile Bio

Martin is a retired business man with a diverse record of successes in the Construction industry, Tax planning, and Motor Sport.
An interest in history and the film industry led to his interest in the Gang Wars of the 1920 s in Sheffield, the career of the gangs, and "gang buster" Sir Percy Sillitoe.

For some time he has presented "talks" to Rotary Clubs, Probus Clubs, Round Table, History societies and numerous ladies clubs, on "The Sheffield Gang Wars,", and 1960's Motor Racing, featuring the Achievements of Sir Stirling Moss. These have been enthusiastically received by all types of audiences

Talk Description

The Sheffield Gang Wars" of the 1920's

This is an in-depth summary of the gangs that ruled the city between 1924 and 1927, describing the famous "Mooney Gang" and the control they had over the city. Smashed by the police and in particular Sir Percy Sillitoe, who went on to run the Scotland Yard "Flying Squad" and then became Director General of MI 5 .
The presentation incorporates the film on the subject which is being produced now based on those tumultuous days of corruption, violence and intimidation ,which still exist today

Other Talks

1960's Motor Racing, highlighting the "Goodwood Revival" race meeting and in particular the achievements of Sir Stirling Moss, both on track and in the 1955 "Mile Miglia" road race, the record of which still stands today.
The domination of MERCEDES in the event over Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche, was an indication of things to come.
The value and meteoric rise of certain rare classic cars, is also shown in the presentation, showing this asset class to be an impressive performer

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