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Lorraine Crookes

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Business & Economics, Motivation & Performance, Entertainment & Comedy, Diversity, Mental Health, General Interest, Other

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Profile Bio

Lorraine Crookes is an award-winning international speaker, columnist, educator, healer, and emerging stand-up comedian. As the CEO of Orgasmic Life, she is best known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator.

For over two decades, Lorraine lived an alternative, secret, double life. The dread of how others would receive her alternative lifestyle led to years of depression and anxiety, and at times made her very ill. Balancing her career as a secondary school teacher and an alternative secret ‘sex’ life created a deep sense of fear and shame. In 2016, it all became too much...

Lorraine handed in her notice, left teaching, and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery. After many insights and revelations, Lorraine now lives her passion and purpose, having realised her 'secret life' and inner turmoil were indeed her greatest gift to the world.

Her heartfelt passion for sexual empowerment has profoundly transformed the lives of thousands of individuals who have felt disconnected from their sexual energy or challenged by relationships, body trauma, abuse, mental health, medical conditions, and sexuality.

Lorraine’s mission is to empower sex, intimacy, and pleasure for health, wealth, and happiness. Lorraine has a unique approach that brings together the bedroom and business, empowering individuals to embrace sexual energy for a fulfilling life. She expertly blends her personal journey, experience in education, vast knowledge, and impassive skill set with compassion and comedy.

Lorraine has a number of accolades including winning a speaker award and following her columnist contributions for the Expert Profile Magazine Lorraine was awarded the Global Super Minds Award for Service To Humanity, and had a front page feature in their magazine. Lorraine is an ambassador for G100 empowering women wordwide and supports a number of charities with her talks and presentations.

Believing when you empower your sexual energy you empower your whole life, Lorraine dedicates herself to empowering business professionals and entrepreneurs to lead an orgasmic life and embrace sexual energy as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Talk Description

Does Your Business Need An Orgasm?

Does Your Business Need An Orgasm?
A Transformational Presentation That Empowers Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs To Achieve Orgasmic Business Sexcess,

An empowering presentation that seamlessly blends together the principles of sexual empowerment with those of professional development and leadership. Lorraine delivers innovative concepts, ideas and strategies that harness the transformative power of sexual energy to drive success in both personal and professional development.

What Will Be Covered In The Presentation....
How to empower sexual energy to fuel your purpose,
passion, and performance..
Essential strategies to enhance orgasmic success at
work and deepen.personal relationships.
How to get the edge on being the best business
professional and entrepreneur.

Who is This Presentation For?
For those eager to boost workplace performance and spice up personal connections, this talk is a must-attend! Open-minded business enthusiasts looking to jazz up their emotional and physical well-being will find plenty of goodies here. And for those who believe that the harmony between home life, relationships, and career growth is key to a fulfilling journey, get ready to embark on an exciting exploration of personal and professional development!.

Other Talks

A insightful and humorous presentation on sex, intimacy and pleasure is the key to health, wealth and happiness.

Sex can be a bit of a taboo topic, but what happens under the covers (or in other fun places) really impacts our physical and mental health, our connection to wealth, and our overall happiness. Lorraine playfully unpacks how missing out on healthy sex, intimacy, and pleasure, whether solo or with a partner, can leave us feeling disconnected, disempowered, and let’s be honest, totally
down in the dumps. Get ready for a unique, open, honest, and thought-provoking journey that shows how embracing sex, intimacy, and pleasure might just be the secret to living your most orgasmic life.

What Will Be Covered In The Presentation....
The Physical Health Benefits of Sex and Intimacy
Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
The Link Between Intimacy and Wealth
6 Pillars to Empowering Sexual Energy for an Orgasmic Life

Who is This Presentation For?
Adventurous souls craving deeper intimate connections!
Happiness hunters ready to level up their health and joy!
Playful explorers eager to try something new and exciting!
Change champions embracing transformation and growth!

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