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Lesley North

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South East


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Lesley North has been an actress and writer for over 50 years. She s an award winning writer, a contributor to World in Ficus Surrey libraries tour, and writer of a monthly poetry page in a local magazine. She has a poetry website -, where she writes personal poems to order.
Alongside appearing a a film dancing with Gene Kelly, over 30 TV commercials, classic TV series, and touring the UK extensively plays and musicals, she has catered for a wedding at Fulham palace, organised Christmas entertainment at Grayshot Hall Spa, designed an exhibition at earls Court, run an acting workshop at the Barn Theatre Molesey, and made a CD to help overcome a fear of flying.
Lesley has written numerous stage plays, was a writer on the BBC World Service for several years, and wrote a pilot TV series for Basil Brush, and was the sketch writer on the children's TV series 'Get it Together'.
having travelled extensively, living in Amsterdam while in the musical 'Hair', and running a Guest House in an old Vicarage in Somerset, she has now returned to her Suburban roots in Surrey, where she runs an Inventory Company, and has an online antiques business.

Talk Description

Swimming In Suburbia

I've always written poetry and prose, and did a trial stand up at The Actors and Writers workshop in Hammersmith. this made me think about getting all my writing together and presenting it to the public at large. having looked at my back catalogue as it were, I realised there was a distinctive theme to my writing. They say you should write about what you know - well, as I am a woman living in Suburbia it wasn't difficult to work out the theme of my piece. So - Swimming in Suburbia is a compilation of poems and prose celebrating women and Suburbia. taking a wry look at family Life, Food, Aspirations ,Snobberies and all things Suburban. ( Men get a look in too!) If you want to know why its called 'Swimming in Suburbia' - you'll have to book the show!

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