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Jules O'Brian

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, Entertainment & Comedy, Mental Health, General Interest

Locations Covered​



£150 - £500


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Profile Bio

A former teacher, I now perform around the country telling anyone who will listen about ageing (sometimes disgracefully!), body hang-ups, parenting, dating, name it! I didn't start performing comedy until my late forties so am usually the oldest person in the green room amongst a myriad of much younger and incredibly talented dare they?!
I have a relaxed, chatty style, love a bit of audience interaction and just enjoy learning about other people as much as I love telling them all about me! Currently, as well as performing at comedy gigs all over the country, I deliver talks of up to an hour long for various WI's and ladies' groups all over the place. I'm looking forward to expanding this side of what I do for anyone who might be interested.
Shortlisted for Funny Women 2021, a finalist for Breaking Talent 2022, a semi-finalist for Get Up, Stand up 2022. Writes for Prima and MamaLife magazines, has own show "Avoid Excessive Cleavage (and other advice to ignore)

Talk Description

Brave or Bonkers? Starting Stand Up Comedy at Nearly 50

In her late 40’s, Jules decided to dip her toe into the world of stand up…and hasn’t looked back! Jules talks about her own comedy influences - past and present - chats about the comedy industry in general, experiences she's had, performs extracts from her comedy sets, and tells tales about a variety of gigs she has performed all over the country.

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