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Judy Brulo

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- West Midlands


£75 - £150


1 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

Judy is an international award-winning children's adventure fiction fantasy writer.
She grew up in Shepshed, Leicestershire (UK). After graduating from the Guildhall School of Music, London, she worked as a professional violist and teacher.
Judy's love of writing emerged through the need to create material for her Early Years music groups. Then, along came the real inspiration: grandchildren, Kaia and Taio for whom she wrote stories on almost a weekly basis.
She lived in Cambridge for many years before moving to Cyprus for six years. She now lives in Northwest Warwickshire with her husband, Alex.
Judy spends her time writing and presenting Reading-Music-Action session in various settings. She is also a W.I speaker.

Talk Description

Children's Literature and Conservation

My children's books are about adventure and fantasy. But threaded through them is the issue of conservation. I am particularly interested in vultures! Very surprising, since there are no vultures in the UK. However, these much maligned and endangered species are vital to our survival wherever we are on the planet.
The heroes in my Vulture Island Adventure Series, (five books to date and a sixth on the way), are a withdrawn ten-year-old boy, and a Griffon Vulture with whom he makes friends.
I like to share these stories with my audience using power point presentations. These include not only information about the stories, but also information about the settings in which the stories are set - the Mediterranean and Bhutan (the only carbon negative country in the world).

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