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Judith Hood

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, General Interest

Locations Covered​

- South East


£150 - £500


Short Notice

Profile Bio

When asked her biggest achievement Judith will always say her 3 Sons. Judith is an Essex girl through and through. Born to Cockney parents she is very proud of her London roots. Growing up in the small village of Hatfield Peverel near Chelmsford Judith enjoyed a very happy childhood and school life. Starting work in Insurance the birth of her first child at 25 meant the start of her new career as a Mother. However Judith has a very strong entrepreneurial streak and has had several small businesses and her finger in many pies throughout her lifetime. The loss of her biggest venture left her bereft and it is from this experience that she is able to talk so passionately about picking yourself up and dusting yourself down. The paranormal side of Judith's life has been present for as long as she can remember and had presented many weird and wonderful stories but she did not discover her ability as a Psychic Medium until she was around 47 years of age. This opened up a whole new world of understanding which features in her talk "Living with the Paranormal."

Talk Description

Living with the Paranormal

Judith has lived with Paranormal activity around her since she was a child. She genuinely felt that this was the norm for a long time until she began to realise that not everyone had "spooky" stuff going on around them. The talk looks at what Paranormal actually means and how it affects her. She explains how she came to discover her abilities as a Psychic Medium and what effect this has on her life. The talk is quite light-hearted and dotted with some pretty amazing stories which will give even the most sceptic among you food for thought.

Other Talks

"Pick yourself up and dust yourself down"
This talk is more of a motivational talk which looks at some of what Judith has been through during her career including the business which almost destroyed her. Judith was lucky, she had a little divine intervention to help her but she is fully aware that it is what we have within us that will help us to prevail in the end. The talk looks at human behaviour and traits and how we can use these to put us back on the right path.

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