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Joanne Larner

Speaker Topics

History, Art & Craft, General Interest, Other

Locations Covered​

- East of England




Short Notice

Profile Bio

Joanne was born in Islington, London, but now lives in Rayleigh Essex, with her husband and two dogs, Jonah and Hunter.
She is a Registered Osteopath and Complementary Health Therapist, (soon to retire from this) but has many and varied other interests as well. She has an eclectic mixture of hobbies and other interests. She reads voraciously and when she becomes interested in a new subject, she explores it as deeply as possible and researches it thoroughly. Some have been part of her life for decades and others are newer. She is, and has always been, an animal lover; she loves to travel, but her favourite place is Norway. A recent interest has been Richard III and she became so obsessed that she hasnow written a trilogy of novels about him. It was the fulfilment of a life-long ambition to write a novel, which started when she won a writing competition in her local library at the age of nine.
She speaks on over a dozen subjects and is planning more: her latest project is a talk on The Elusive, Satisfying, Infuriating, Challenging and Hazardous Art of Bellringing!

Talk Description

Richard III: Saint or Sinner?

Interest in Richard III has skyrocketed since his remains were found in a Leicester car park. That’s when Joanne became interested too and since then she has researched his life and character as much as she can, reading over 250 books about him and weighing up the pros and cons about his character and his alleged crimes. In this talk she presents the questions and mysteries surrounding his life and the conclusions she has reached about him. Did he usurp the throne? Did he murder his brother(s)? Did he poison his wife to marry his niece? Was he the ruthless tyrant of Shakespeare? Did he murder the ‘Princes in the Tower’? Joanne will address all these issues and more and answer any questions you may have about Richard and the identification of his remains. PowerPoint presentation.

Other Talks

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Coming soon:
The Elusive, Satisfying, Infuriating, Challenging and Hazardous Art of Bellringing

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