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Speaker Topics

History, General Interest

Locations Covered​

- West Midlands


£75 - £150


Short Notice

Profile Bio

Simon Fairfax writes in two different genres: International financial thrillers and medieval fiction.

He is a former Chartered Surveyor, Editor of an online polo magazine (having played polo for a number of years) and has practiced martial arts, fencing and shooting. He now restores old classic sports cars for fun. As a lover of crime thrillers and espionage, Simon turned what is seen by others as a dull 9 – 5 job into something that is exciting, and as close to real life as possible, with Rupert Brett, his unwilling hero.

His new medieval series now has three books released in a proposed 6 book series. The first, A Knight and a Spy 1410, is set in a tumultuous time at the English court. It tells the story of Jamie de Grispere, squire in training and his two companions as they fight the French to save Calais, Welsh treason and Scottish revolts.

The fifth book in the series, A Knight and a Spy 1414 will be published on the 6th June 2023.

Talk Description

Research and how it affects the plotting of a novel

I divide my talk into two parts dealing with first with my financial thrillers and then medieval historical fiction.
I explain that my thrillers (that are set against the world of commercial property) are international and I visit all the places I write about, meeting with spies; technical surveillance operatives; ex special forces; diplomats and try to prove that everything I write about can be done. Including breaking into buildings, interviewing essential people who give advice on how the real world works.
The second part deals with medieval world of the early 15th Century and the events leading up to Agincourt. I have taken great care to research thoroughly through fighting arts, costumes, manners, legal systems and what really happened in history weaving my heroes into real events.
I normally do both series but, have in the past been asked to concentrate on just one, to tailor make it to my audience as it is their choice.
The talk lasts anywhere between 45mins to an hour or so with question and answers afterwards.

Other Talks

Researching, writing, publishing and marketing a novel from start to finish. All the perils pitfalls, what to avoid and how to do it better.

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