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Dr Tony Hersh JP

Speaker Topics

Technology & Innovation, General Interest, Other

Locations Covered​

- South West


£75 - £150


Short Notice

Profile Bio

Tony has a degree in Human Biology and a PhD in medical biochemistry. He worked for big Pharma companies for 30 years including Glaxo and Merck where he was senior director of project management, organising large teams to conduct and deliver clinical trials globally to test whether new medicines were safe and effective.

Since retiring Tony started working on an Open University degree in Astrophysics and spends much more time working on a voluntary basis in areas he feels passionate about.

Tony has had a long time interest in Astronomy and is Vice Chairman and an active member of Newbury Astronomy Society and a member of the British Astronomy Association.

Tony has been a Magistrate for many years and sits in the magistrate courts in Basingstoke and Aldershot and in Winchester Crown Court. He appraises magistrates and is a mentor for new magistrates

Talk Description

1/ Magistrate Cases 2/ Recent Astronomy Discoveries

In his talk about being a magistrate Tony gives a brief background on the history and powers of Magistrates and then real cases are presented with a discussion by the group regarding the appropriate sentence before he explains what actual sentence was given and why. It’s an interactive, fun and educational talk which has received extremely positive feedback.

Other Talks

In his talk about Recent Discoveries in Astronomy Tony discusses a wide range of fascinating astronomical findings and mysteries over the recent past. There have been some extraordinary discoveries which he explains in an interesting and easy to understand way highlighting the vast amount of unexpected or unexplained discoveries and also our physical place in the Universe, to give a sense of the vast distances and sizes of the Universe around us.

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