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Dennis East

Speaker Topics

Entertainment & Comedy, Other

Locations Covered​

- West Midlands


£75 - £150


Short Notice, 1 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

As a sixteen year old I was apprenticed into the Graphic Art world of a huge printing company in Watford. During which time (5 years), I was often captured to assist a busy old soul in my department by drawing cartoons and writing cheeky poems, for the collection cards of fellow employees that were getting married, engaged, retired or passing on. Circulated throughout the departments, they would encourage generous cash donations together with nice meaningful comments.
Finally, with my apprenticeship complete and my qualifications gathered, I got married, bought a house and left the print to join my father and grow the family Haulage business (which we did for 23 years). After selling the business and our four children flying the nest, my wife and I decided to move to the Highlands of Scotland to play Bed & Breakfast to the world……and to write more Poetry.
Consequently, with enough Poems gathered, I have managed to get three books published to date. All of which are full of my funny close encounters, quirky thoughts and reflections about life in general – My favorite critique to date, was when some kind person remarked, that listening to me reading my works was like the joyful product of “Pam Ayres on Guinness” - and I’ll take that any day.

Talk Description

Poetry to make you Think and Laugh

Talk description:

The subject matters of my Rhyming Poems are basically designed to look at everything through light hearted and humorous eyes - whilst closely following my wonderful and joyous journey through life.

Other Talks

Other Talks:

The paragraph titles of my books and subsequent talks are combinations of :

My earliest recollections - Those school days - The awakenings - My firsts in life - The family business - Bed and Breakfast Hosts - Life in the Highlands - Days of yore - More up to date matters - Modern Poetry.

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