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Dave Andrews

Speaker Topics

Entertainment & Comedy, TV, History

Locations Covered​

- East of England


£75 - £150


Short Notice, 1 Month Minimum, 3 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

Although originally a “Kentish Man”, I moved to Leicestershire in the 1970s and have been there ever since. I taught History for several years and in 1980 became the Deputy Head of the Martin High school in Anstey. But when I had the opportunity to move to the BBC in the 1990s, I was delighted to do so.
I worked at BBC Radio Leicester from 1996, where I presented most of the daily and weekend programmes, until taking voluntary redundancy in 2021. I also provided commentary for special occasions and was privileged to be the commentator for BBC Radio Leicester during the services for the re-interment of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral and the Diamond Jubilee and Maundy Services attended by the late Queen Elizabeth II.
I now work freelance giving various talks as well as compering events. I'm also a Trustee of both the Leicester and Rutland Community Foundation and The Martin Trust which allocates grants to young people to support their education or social development.
In 2015 I was honoured to be nominated, and then commissioned, as a Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire – a post I will hold until 2025.

Talk Description

Richard III - The Man and the Mystery

*What sort of a man was Richard III really?

*How did he end up under a car park in Leicester?

* This illustrated talk combines the story of Richard III's life and his place in 15th century history with the amazing story of the search for his bones which were eventually discovered under a Leicester car park.

* I played a major part in Radio Leicester's coverage of the story including providing the commentary of Richard's reburial in Leicester Cathedral.

* Pictures and sound from the time of this amazing story illustrate the talk.

Other Talks


The BBC has just celebrated it's 100th Birthday

This illustrated talk tells the story of the BBC's 100 years from the early days under Lord Reith through to the present. It covers the great days of radio and TV and some of the incredible changes in broadcasting over those 100 years.

Some nostalgic audio and video clips from programmes and events of the past can be included providing there is access to a power supply and a screen.

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