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Chris Hewis

Speaker Topics

Entertainment & Comedy, Music, History

Locations Covered​

- East Midlands




Short Notice

Profile Bio

Chris is Chair of Saxilby and District History Group and the Treasurer of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology. He has written several books and articles on local history and was a regular member
of BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s ‘Lunch Bunch’.
Now retired, Chris began his working life in the theatre and went on to lead a ‘double life’ as an accountant and a professional musician.

Talk Description

The Tale of Tom Otter

The famous tale of a man who murdered his pregnant wife on their wedding night on 3rd November 1805 still endures. The story has been faithfully reproduced over the years. You can find the same version widely on the internet, and ghost-hunters regularly visit the Sun Inn at Saxilby, where the inquest was held. His gibbet stood on Doddington Road for 50 years. But how much of the tale is folklore?

Other Talks

e Victorian Saxilby-with-Ingleby
A modern, expanding village with an ancient heart, we were most fortunate to have three enthusiastic local
photographers at the opening of the 20th century. We look at life through their eyes in this canal-side village in
late Victorian times.
⚫ Torksey on the Trent
As an archaeologist friend recently said 'everywhere you dig, you find a body or a pot'!
A Roman settlement, Saxon and major Viking Town once larger than Nottingham, and now a small village on the
banks of the River Trent. This talk tells the village history, including photographs of recent finds from the Viking
⚫ Jean Bemrose MM SRN
The story of nursing on the front line in WWI France.
Jean Bemrose was awarded the Military Medal for her gallantry and devotion to duty during a major air raid on
Etaples Hospital. Using copies of albums, photographs and memorabilia from her own collection, this is a unique
insight into WWI nursing care.
⚫ Wedding Customs and Nursery Rhymes
Have you ever considered the origin of some of our ancient customs?
This talk tries to explain, in a light-hearted way, how some of these originated.
⚫ A Pictorial Road Trip from Lincoln to Gainsborough
Using postcards and photographs from the early 20th century, the talk takes you through rural villages such as
Saxilby and Stow to industrial Gainsborough.
⚫ Along the Foss Canal
Photographs from the ‘John Wilson Collection’ take you on a boat trip in the early 20th century along England’s
oldest canal, from Lincoln to Torksey.
⚫ Royal Visits to Lincoln
From Edward II to Elizabeth II. Richard II lent his sword (we still have it), and James I came horse racing.
⚫ A Pictorial Tour of Bygone Lincoln
Victorian and Edwardian photographers recorded everything from Royal Visits to every day events in the City.
Using photographs from the 'John Wilson Collection', see how much the City has changed in 100 years.
⚫ Skegness - A Victorian New Town
The railway came to the coal port of Skegness in 1873. Within a few years, the village had been transformed into
the town we know today. This illustrated talk, using contemporary postcards, looks at this extraordinary
development, and some of the entrepreneurs whose vision made this possible.
And for something completely different -
⚫ An Occasional Brush with the Stars
I have been associated with the entertainment profession for all of my working life. From a touring puppet theatre
in my teens, to accompanying musicals and showbiz stars. Hear some of the tales that go on behind the curtains!
⚫ A Wandering Minstrel I Shall Be
A continuation of the above talk. Musicals, Pantomime, and even Political Rallies!

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