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Andy Thomas

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Profile Bio

Andy Thomas is one of the UK’s best-known researchers and busiest speakers on ‘Mysteries and Histories’. His work on investigating the unexplained and cover-ups of many kinds, as well as his explorations of British folklore, are renowned, and his varied talks cover these aspects in different ways. He has given thousands of lectures in Britain and around the world for more than three decades with presentations that are informative, entertaining and visually striking.

Andy has made numerous radio and TV appearances over the years. Mainstream spots have included The One Show, Richard and Judy, GMTV, Esther and many other programmes for the likes of the BBC, ITV, Sky, NBC, The History Channel and The National Geographic Channel.

Andy is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The New Heretics, Conspiracies and The Truth Agenda. Andy’s is also the world’s most prolific author on the controversial but beautiful crop circle mystery, including Vital Signs, which was nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine’s Best Book award. Andy also writes on mainstream history and festivals and is well known for his volume Christmas: A Short History from Solstice to Santa, as well as titles on the Bonfire Night festivities.

Andy is also is one of the organisers of the Glastonbury Symposium, the long-running annual ‘Expand Your Horizons’ conference, which began in 1990, and he regularly arranges other events on free expression, truth and mysteries.

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Talk Description

Mysteries and Histories

Andy Thomas regularly gives talks on a variety of ‘mystery and history’ topics and can speak live or on Zoom. All lectures are beautifully illustrated. His main presentations are:

Mystery topics:

THE CROP CIRCLE MYSTERY: Andy explores the extraordinary phenomenon of crop circles, revealing the fascinating history and intriguing arguments around these controversial but stunningly entrancing patterns which appear in fields each year.

UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES AND COVER-UPS: In a thought-provoking investigation, Andy delves into some of the most famous unexplained mysteries, including UFOs, ghosts, strange creatures, psychics, ancient prophecies and global cover-ups.

A CONSPIRACY HISTORY OF THE WORLD: What is the real evidence for conspiracy theories and why have people always believed in them? Andy reveals a compelling alternative history, examining the Gunpowder Plot, JFK, Watergate, NASA, Princess Diana, the New World Order and other controversies.

History topics:

CHRISTMAS – A FESTIVE HISTORY: (Nov & Dec only) In an uplifting and entertaining presentation, Andy uncovers the fascinating and diverse background to the festive season, exploring the traditions and showing why Christmas has survived and can still have great meaning for us today. This is one of Andy's most popular talks, so book early to guarantee a date!

LEWES – BONFIRE NIGHT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: Spectacularly illustrated, Andy takes us to his Sussex birth town of historical Lewes, renowned for its huge Bonfire Night festivities, giving insights into this vibrant place of mystery, controversy, folklore and tradition.

THE STORY OF ENGLISH FREEDOM: Andy shines a light on the most significant leaps for ‘freedom’ over the centuries, discovering the likes of Boudicca, the Peasants’ Revolt, Oliver Cromwell, Levellers, Suffragettes and George Orwell along the way.

Further details on Andy's talks can be found at:

Other Talks

Other talks on paranormal topics, current events and the future of free expression are also available on request. Examples of these can be found at:

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