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Andrew John Baker

Speaker Topics

Business & Economics, Motivation & Performance, History, General Interest, Other

Locations Covered​

- South East


£150 - £500


Short Notice

Profile Bio

Andrew is a fluent, engaging and entertaining speaker with a particular interest in social and cultural change in our times. He gives talks to a range of audiences and is a regular and highly acclaimed cruise ship lecturer. Audiences invariably comment on the warmth, clarity and humour of his presentations.
Andrew is the author of a best-selling book on Contemporary British Politics and drawing on his experience of over 22 years as a Grammar School Headmaster, he recently published a further volume on Education and Values: A Headmaster’s Reflections. He is now a freelance lecturer.
Andrew gives his audiences insights into the times through which they have lived with a sharp eye for detail and anecdote. His incisive character portraits of many very different men and women at home and abroad whose extra ordinary lives have shaped today’s world, are uniformly vivid and compelling. He looks, as well, at the huge changes which have shaped today’s world and at the urgent and controversial issues which often divide us.
Audiences require no prior knowledge to find these presentations both moving and unforgettable. Sit back, reflect, remember, laugh and see our own times more clearly.

Talk Description

Happiness: how to make it part of your life

We find happiness in different and often unexpected places. Let's try to tease out some approaches and attitudes which may open the door to personal fulfilment.

Other Talks

1. 1. The Swinging 60s: relive it all and enjoy the ride
2. The Profumo Affair 60 years on: the scandal which left Britain shellshocked
3. An anatomy of our beloved NHS: time for change?
4. Understanding inequality in Britain today
5. Who is the greatest of our post-war leaders and what is the rank order?
6. Just Boris: a portrait of the politician as entertainer
7. The Donald Trump Phenomenon; a retrospect on the 45th USA President
8. Understanding Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine
9. Wealth in Britain today: too much for the baby boomers?
10. Political Correctness, Woke and Culture Wars: our new insanity?

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