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Alan David Tumber

Speaker Topics

Sports, Entertainment & Comedy, Other

Locations Covered​

- West Midlands




Short Notice, 1 Month Minimum, 3 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

I am a retired head teacher with over 38 years experience in primary education. I was head of two Birmingham primary schools and have performed in folk clubs and venues around the city for many years. After retiring I began working with groups of primary school children supporting their topic work under the label "Grandadssongs" Later in about 2013 I was persuaded to branch out into adult work which is where I do most of my presentations now.
A unique entertaining and inspiring hour of, sometimes, thought provoking and often humorous content built around a theme. ‘Grandadssongs’ has now over 30 presentations for schools and now 13 for Adults.
New themes can be created for you and existing themes tailored to your requirement.
Sandwell Museums and Art Galleries and over twenty-five schools and nurseries have used ‘Grandadssongs’.
Over the past few years I have mainly worked with U3As, W.Is. Townswomen’s Guilds, Probus and other independent groups and organisations using ‘Grandadssongs’ presentations specially adapted for adult audiences, many on more than one occasion.

Talk Description

Rhyme nor Reason 1

A collection of comic poetry and song. With live music, pictures, recordings and film clips. The work of Flanders and Swann, Marriot Edgar, Stanley Holloway, Pam Ayres, Les Barker and others. Lots of laughs with The battle of Hastings, Amnesia, Fifty Shades, and lots more. Probably the most popular presentation to date.

Other Talks

Rhyme nor Reason 2, 3, and 4 More of the above
Rhyme nor Reason 'tis the Season, A Christmas presentation
Rhyme nor Reason 'tis the Season 2, A Christmas presentation sequel
Ghoulies and Ghosties, ideal for Hallowe'en
Tickled to Death, A collection of funny, tragic and serious songs about death.
Picture this! Where art, music and literature connect
Picture This a Second Look ! A sequel to the above
Now't so Queer as Folk, My take on the origins and structures of Folk Music
All in the game! A sport themed Rhyme nor Reason type anthology
Songs of the SeaThemed Quizzes presented in Power Point

Themed Quizzes presented in Power Point

Not so much a Quiz as an evening’s entertainment. Each quiz is based on a theme. There are typically 16-20 rounds of five questions and the title of each round is based on the theme but the questions could be about anything related to the title of the round.
e.g. Theme – Elvis
Round 1: ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ questions about famous hotels.
Round 2: ‘Suspicious Minds’ Questions about detectives. Etc.

At present I have the following themes – Cars, The Beatles, James Bond Movies, The Oscars, Disney Films, Elvis, Carry on Films, Sitcoms, Abba, London, Film Musicals and Stage Musicals. Quizzers often decorate the room and dress up to enhance the experience! Using ‘Powerpoint’ allows me to include lots of music, sound, pictures and film clips in the question sets and as introductions to the rounds.

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