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Miranda Pender

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, Entertainment & Comedy, History, General Interest

Locations Covered​

- South West




Short Notice

Profile Bio

Miranda is a singer and songwriter who presents entertaining talks based around songs that she's written. Raunchy, romantic, heartbreaking, humorous, her subjects range from pretentious garden designers to a 16-year-old boy killed at the Battle of the Somme; from the hero on a cereal packet to that awkward situation where you discover your lover's name sewn into the back of his underpants.....

Miranda has been presenting her musical talks since 2016, and they’re guaranteed to add a bit of fun to your club meeting or event. Even her darker topics have a humorous edge.

Typical comments include: "It was so nice to be able to hear all the words you were singing", and "We really enjoyed something that was a little bit different."

Talk Description

Late-Flowering Lyricist

How Miranda overcame a life-threatening illness to reinvent herself as a singer-songwriter.

In the summer of 2008, Miranda was in her early fifties, bumbling along in life, contented but without any strong sense of ambition or purpose. She enjoyed listening to music, but it never occurred to her that she might be able to sing, and she certainly didn’t envisage herself performing solo with a guitar, and playing songs that she herself had written! Not only that, but that she’d record her own albums, the first one of which was produced by her teenage hero, the musician and entertainer Richard Digance, who became her friend and mentor.

This is a story of how it may never be too late to change direction; the importance of ‘seizing the moment’; and how, with a bit of determination, you might be able to achieve things you never dreamed of!

Other Talks

1. Lifting the Lid - the perils of researching family history.

2. One Gun, Two Dead - the Hastings murder of 1911.

3. Censored - the strange tale of the banned novelist, Norah C James.

4. Musical Musings - if you enjoyed Miranda's introductory talk, Late-Flowering Lyricist, and would like to hear more.

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