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Mark Gregory

Speaker Topics

Motivation & Performance, Entertainment & Comedy, Music, Mental Health

Locations Covered​

- Yorkshire & Humber


£150 - £500


Short Notice, 1 Month Minimum, 3 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

Mark is the founder of Mark Your Occasion, an events business that provides services to weddings, funerals, birthday parties, charity and corporate events, awards ceremonies, and much more.

The majority of Mark's work includes offering services as a celebrant, live singer, event host, master of ceremonies, script writer, speaker, and poet, although he's constantly adding to his repertoire of services!

Mark Your Occasion was awarded Professional Services Business of the Year at the 2023 Ilkley Business Awards, and also was Regional Highly Commended at The Wedding Industry Awards 2022.

Mark is passionate about bringing choice to families and couples when it comes to weddings and funerals, and particularly making sure people are informed when it comes to their choices. He also talks about diversifying in business, and has delivered speeches at school awards ceremonies to inspire young minds.

Talk Description

Funeral Options in a Changing World: How Will You Be Remembered?

If TV and film is to be believed, most funerals are sombre, sullen affairs attended by people dressed in black, who are gathered around a graveside in a churchyard getting rained upon.

Times have changed since then, and while some funerals still conform to these outdated traditions, many funerals have been rechristened 'celebrations of life' – reflections upon the happiness in our loved one's life.

But the majority of funerals still take place either in a church, a crematorium, or a burial ground – places that, in most cases, have no emotional connection to the deceased – and contain words or liturgy that mean nothing to those present.

In this talk, I'll discuss what other options you have for celebrating the life of a loved one, outside of the traditional locations and content. I'll give some examples of stories from eulogies I've previously written, talk about unorthodox funeral venues, and generally how to give your loved ones the best possible send-off.

Other Talks

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– Back-Up Plans, Diversifying, and Expanding Your Horizons: Tips on Self-Employment

– Lessons From Life: The Things They Didn't Teach Me In School about Jobs and Careers

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