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Brad Ashton

Speaker Topics

Entertainment & Comedy

Locations Covered​



£75 - £150


1 Month Minimum

Profile Bio

I have been an International TV scriptwriter and have had my name on the writing credits of almost 2,000 shows covering ten different countries. Most of my work has been for the BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom, but quite a lot also for the USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and South Africa.

So far, I have had five books published. (1) The Daleks Day Book. (2) How To Write Comedy. (3) The Funny Thing About Writing Comedy. (4) The Job Of A Laughtime. And (5) Stand Up And Be laughed At. I am currently working on my 6th. Book to be called “Laugh Is What You Make It.”

For eight Years I ran a Comedy Writing School to which Thanes TV, London Weekend TV and TV Times all awarded scholarships.

In addition to comedy I have written 144 BBC Radio shows in which a celebrity panel were charged with betting on who they thought won each of the three dramatization of real court cases per show. I followed that with 60 BBC Radio shows called PRO’s & CONS in which a celebrity panel had to try and work out who was the perpetrator and who was the victim after hearing half way through my dramatizations of everyday Scams.

As an after-dinner speaker I have given about three hundred light hearted talks. And I have been a Guest Enrichment on 62 cruises.

Talk Description

The Job of a Laughtime

My main talk “The Job of a Laughtime” lasts an hour and contains numerous funny backstage stories about the many internationally famous star performers I have had the pleasure (and sometime displeasure) of working with.

My second talk, “So you think you can’t be scammed” also lasts an hour and is all about scams and how to avoid them. Though this is a very serious subject, I treat it in a light hearted way in order to make it entertaining.

Other Talks

I also talk on how we TV comedy writers get our inspiration and ideas.

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